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Programming With Procedural & Object Oriented(C, C++)

The course fully covers the basics of programming in the “C” programming language and Object Oriented Programming in “C++” programming language. The course demonstrates fundamental programming techniques, customs and vocabulary including the most common library functions.


At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Have a knowledge regarding the basic programming topics of C and C++
  • How to write a programs with C and C++
  • Successfully design a Procedural Solution to a Problem
  • Successfully design an Object Oriented Solution to a Problem
  • Development of the solution efficiently
  • Develop skills for large scale works

Topics to be covered

  • General Discussions and Introduction to Programming Language C (I)
  • Introduction to Programming Language C (II), Data Storage(I) and Operators
  • Data Storage (II), Control Structures and Functions
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, Functions in C++, Class, Constructor and Destructor
  • Classes Continued, Operator Overloading, Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • C++ Stream Input/Output, File Processing, Exception Handling

Course requirements

Student attendance

All students are expected to attend all scheduled classes, and to read all assigned chapters / materials before coming to class.

Class Participation & Peer Evaluation

You Students are expected to participate actively in the class. Your contribution towards your team will be counted too.

Textbook / References

  • C: The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt
  • C++: The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt
  • Tutorials Point tutorials
  • cplusplus.com
  • Other Online Resources

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